In order to safeguard the long-term value of your vehicle, you need to have top service for your vehicle. You need to have a service department that not only knows your vehicle inside and out but also provides you the utmost assurance that it is getting serviced correctly.

The technicians at Lithia Medford Volkswagen may be more ideal to turn to than a repair shop because the manufacturer depends on the dealership to meet the expectations of the service requirements for your specific vehicle.

Additionally, our service advisors may be more informed and equipped to give you accurate information instead of guessing. In fact, if you need a replacement part for your vehicle, we have access to OEM parts to assure it is the right fit.

Of course, there are reputable repair shops in Medford, OR, but if you’re looking for the direct source that is trained to know what’s right for your vehicle, then give us a call!

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