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Brake Problems Identified

One of the first symptoms of a brake problem with your vehicle is a soft feeling in the brake pedal when you step on the brake. The brakes should have a firm feeling, and if that is not what you are experiencing, you may want to get your brakes checked soon.

One of the reasons for a spongy brake pedal feeling is due to corroded brake calipers. When the calipers become corroded, fluid may seep out causing a soft brake. If your vehicle has drum brakes, the wheel cylinders can malfunction, and this will also cause a spongy feeling in the brake pedal. If you see the brake light come on in your vehicle, the brakes need service right away.

If you are having brake issues, come into Lithia Medford Volkswagen located in Medford, OR. The service professionals will be happy to assist with your brakes and your other automotive repair and maintenance needs.
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