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Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

Summer is coming and that means you're going to be dealing with heat and the sun beating down on your car. While the heat inside your vehicle is one thing, your engine should not be heating up much, if at all. If you do think that your engine is overheating, there are some short term and long term fixes you can do.

The first is that you should pull over to the nearest gas station or convenience store in Medford, OR and get yourself some more coolant. Water will work in a pinch, but much less effectively for a shorter period of time. Long term, you're going to want to stop in to our Volkswagen service center and get your engine looked at. If there is a leak, or something not working properly, your engine overheating is going to lead to real problems with pistons and cylinders that can leave your car inoperable before too long.

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