How to determine if the issue is your battery or your alternator

Your battery is constantly sending current to one system or another. Whether your car is running or at rest, the battery is providing current throughout your system. New batteries generate a voltage through chemical reaction and are augmented by the alternator while your car is running. However, as your battery ages, the chemical reactions diminish, and your battery becomes more dependent on your alternator for recharging.

By using your multimeter to test your alternator, you determine the life remaining in the chemical reaction process in your battery. Start your engine and let it idle for a few minutes. Apply the red probe of your multimeter to the positive pole of your battery and the black probe to the negative pole. A voltage reading between 13.8V and 14.4V shows a healthy alternator.

At Lithia Medford Volkswagen, we check your alternator during every service appointment.



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