Dealing With Glare From the Sun

One of the issues that can come with driving is at certain parts the sun is going to be in front of you. This can cause a major glare that can blind you. Being blinded by the sun can cause you to crash. Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to reduce the glare on your vehicle.

One thing that you can do is use the visor. However, they are only somewhat effective. In some cases, the sunlight can shine under the visor which will leave you blind anyway. Another thing that you can do is invest in polarizing sunglasses.

During the times of the day when the sun is in your eye, you can increase the following distance of your vehicle. This gives you more room to brake whenever you need to in order to avoid getting into a collision. We at Lithia Medford Volkswagen have more tips on how you can reduce glare.



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