How Does the IIHS Arrive at Their Safety Ratings?

If you've researched the safety ratings of new vehicles, chances are you've seen Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ratings mentioned. The IIHS uses a descriptive rating system that ranges from Poor to Good, but how do they decide on those ratings?

The IIHS safety rating puts each vehicle through a battery of five crash tests. The first is a frontal-crash test that simulates hitting another vehicle head-on at 40 mph. Another frontal-crash test hits the vehicle with another vehicle at an angle.

A side-impact test hits the vehicle broadside at 31 mph, and a roof-strength test checks the model's safety during rollovers. A head-restraint test is designed to check for the likelihood of head injuries for the driver and front passenger. The IIHS also inspects and tests the safety restraints in the vehicle's back seats.



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