The Importance of Winter Wiper Blades

The team at Lithia Medford Volkswagen wanted to make certain that you are able to see clearly in these shorter winter months. Here are signs your summer blades need to be replaced for winter blades.

Start by checking the squeegee of the wiper blade to see that it is free of cracks, tears, or rips. The UV rays from the sun dry out the rubber and leave them too stiff to properly conform to the shape of the windshield.

Over the months, dirt will collect on the wiper blades, and begin to work like an abrasive when mixed with rain. That abrasive will begin to create voids in the rubber, leaving streaks and smears in your field of vision.

The longer the wiper blades remain on the car, the more likely they are no longer as flexible as a new pair of blades. Winter blades are designed to move salt, ice, and snow, without wearing the blades.



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