Compact vehicles, like their larger brethren, are designed to ensure that drivers are as safe as possible when behind the wheel. To make this possible, several safety features are included to help time on the road safer. The 2019 Volkswagen Golf includes many such features and deserves a closer look from those eager to drive a compact around Medford.

You'll be able to appreciate the many safety features of the 2019 Golf when you visit Lithia Medford Volkswagen and get a closer look. If you are ever in a collision that triggers the release of the airbags, then the Intelligent Crash Response System kicks in. This involves shutting down the fuel pump, unlocking the doors are turning on the hazard lights.

The Volkswagen Golf also comes equipped with an Automatic Post Collision Braking System. This system activates after a collision has happened. The goal is to slow the vehicle and reduce the possibility that further impacts occur.


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