If you want to drive a compact SUV that has one of the best warranties around, you definitely need to consider a Volkswagen Tiguan available from Lithia Medford Volkswagen. The Tiguan has up-to-date technology features along with interior features for your convenience. Safety features are an important reason for owning a Volkswagen Tiguan.

The Volkswagen Tiguan offers the Intelligent Crash Response System. This is a group of features that works to keep you safe should an accident occur. If the airbags should deploy, the system will shut off the fuel pump, activate the hazard warning lights and unlock the Tiguan's doors so that you are safer.

Backing up is made safer in the Volkswagen Tiguan with the rear-view camera. A wide lens camera allows you to have a clear view of what is behind the vehicle. This provides safety when backing out of parking on when backing out of a driveway.



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