Dispensing automotive knowledge to customers like you is one of the many things our Lithia Medford Volkswagen service department most enjoys doing. We love to talk cars, especially yours. We also love to tell you about some of the more obscure automotive components that contribute to your vehicle's overall health. The alternator is one such component.

What is an Alternator?

An alternator is at the heart of your vehicle's electrical system. It supplies electricity to your car's starter and to the battery. Without an alternator, your car wouldn't start. After your car starts, the alternator continues to create and supply electrical energy to components like on-board computers, switches, lights and gauges. The average alternator needs replacing every five to seven years.

How Does an Alternator Work?

When you weave through Medford streets, your spinning wheels generate mechanical energy. Your car's alternator changes this mechanical energy into electricity, the same way a windmill or a wind turbine works.

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