Safest Way to Jump-Start Your Vehicle with Cables

If you have to jump-start your car from another vehicle, you're going to need jumper cables and a little bit of understanding in how this process works. Bring the running car as close to the nose of the other vehicle as possible, battery-to-battery. Turn off the car and lights, then open the hood of both the vehicles.

The jumper cables have clamps on red and black cables on each end. The one red clamp goes to the positive battery terminal on the running car. The other red goes to plus side on bad battery.


Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

Summer is coming and that means you're going to be dealing with heat and the sun beating down on your car. While the heat inside your vehicle is one thing, your engine should not be heating up much, if at all. If you do think that your engine is overheating, there are some short term and long term fixes you can do.

The first is that you should pull over to the nearest gas station or convenience store in Medford, OR and get yourself some more coolant. 


How do you clean fuel injectors?

Keeping your fuel injection system clean is essential to maintaining your fuel economy. Since your fuel injectors lie inside the combustion chamber, they are subject to intense temperatures, debris from injected air, and foreign debris in fuel that is small enough to pass through your fuel filter. This combination of contaminants can clog your fuel injectors causing the excess use of fuel.

To keep your fuel injectors clean, you should use an injector cleaner. These cleaners are readily available at any auto parts store. You simply add them to your fuel tank and let your engine do the rest.


Brake Problems Identified

One of the first symptoms of a brake problem with your vehicle is a soft feeling in the brake pedal when you step on the brake. The brakes should have a firm feeling, and if that is not what you are experiencing, you may want to get your brakes checked soon.

One of the reasons for a spongy brake pedal feeling is due to corroded brake calipers. When the calipers become corroded, fluid may seep out causing a soft brake. If your vehicle has drum brakes, the wheel cylinders can malfunction, and this will also cause a spongy feeling in…

The brilliance of using the windshield wiper fluid in the vehicle system

Car owners residing in locations where the temperatures never arrive at freezing points know the exact reason why water is not preferable in the windshield wiper system. Many drivers realize that water lacks the scrubbing power of getting rid of the droppings and removing bugs that mostly concentrate on the windshields. The wiper fluid help in providing standards of safety to avoid blocking the driver's vision while driving. Water only tends to be cheap and compatible with the environment. During the winter sessions, the wiper fluid is vital in providing safety measures...


Understanding Tire Pressure Light Illumination

Is your car's tire pressure light on for a baffling reason? Did it turn on out of nowhere? Keep your cool right now. Cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems that notify drivers in the event of tire pressure that's just too low.

Pressure that's abnormally low can be a big hazard. That's because it can make driving a lot more dangerous. If you're bothered by a tire pressure light that's suddenly on, you should think about potential triggers. These lights can turn on for a range of different reasons. Excessively cold temperatures…


When to Change Your Car’s Windshield Wiper Blades

The windshield wiper blades of a car are often overlooked when scheduling maintenance repairs. While they are capable of continuously removing heavy layers of dirt, snow, and rain, they perform their task rapidly using just a narrow strip of flexible rubber that is prone to considerable degradation over the course of just six to twelve months of average use.

Although there is little variability in the rubber used in the manufacturing of ordinary wiper blades, some manufacturers offer more durable blades made from halogen-hardened rubber with a slightly extended lifespan or...


Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

As a car owner, you know and understand how important it is to make sure your car is safe for you and your family. One area sometimes overlooked is the car’s tires, particularly tire pressure. Listed below are some reasons why tire pressure is important:

• Over Inflation- If your tires are overinflated then they will cause your tires to wear unevenly along the center of the tire. Overinflation will also affect how much weight your car can handle possibly causing a tire to blow.
• Under Inflation- If your tires are underinflated, they can cause...

Driving with Spare Tires: Temporary or Full-Size Spares?

When picking a spare, you want something reliable when you get a flat tire. However, you may not want to spend the money for a full-size spare when you can purchase a temporary for much less. There are some consequences for choosing these smaller spare tires instead of a full-size or one that matches your current tires.

Compact, temporary spare tires are made for short-term, emergency use. These are good for saving space in a small trunk as well. In addition, driving on a smaller spare for a longer period of time can cause alignment issues.

When you go to…

Avoid Catastrophe With Proper Timing Belt Maintenance

The timing belt in your vehicle needs attention anywhere between 60,000 and 100,000 miles of driving for complete replacement. Because it performs the vital service of keeping your vehicle's camshaft and crankshaft turning in synchronized motion so that the engine runs, failure to attend to wear and tear can cause your car to stop completely.

Since Lithia Medford Volkswagen cares about the safety of each of our customers while on the road, we never want drivers to have the scary and dangerous experience of having your vehicle stop running completely...


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